"What some happy mothers have said"
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I had met Nicola just once before I went into labour, but when she turned up at 5 a.m. it was as if I had known her for years

She was so calm and caring and seemed to know just what to say and do to help me and my husband with my labour

My husband was concerned that having a doula would mean that the closeness between us would be compromised, however, he found the experience entirely opposite, he found that Nicola supported him and gave him confidence

After a long labour a rare condition meant that I had no alternative than to have an emergency C section. I was very upset as I had wanted a natural birth so much and had nearly made it (I was fully dilated). Again Nicola was very supportive and reassured me that there was nothing more that I could have done. She prevented me feeling a failure, which was how I had felt after my first labour

My story isnít one of a successful natural birth after a C section, yet it is a success as I know there was nothing more that could have been done. That knowledge has given me peace of mind that I didnít think was achievable, and it is all thanks to Nicola

My little boy is a delight and I am so pleased I have positive feelings about his arrival into the world Ė Nicola really was amazing

I really cannot emphasise enough the difference she made to the labour, the birth, and also to the pregnancy. Nicky is caring, reassuring, relaxed, respectful, whilst never being overfamiliar or in the way

A wonderful help and relief in an inevitably stressful time

... a light relief and reliable help with boundless help and ideas
to make the passage of childbirth easier

Nicola Wilson was as essential to my birth as nappies are to my 6 month old!

Nicola was not only vital to my experience but also - if not more so - to my husband!

Thank you for absolutely everything! From the first visit, the prenatals, and the marathon of labour. Having Nicky with us offered peace of mind, a wonderful birthing experience, and was a great help to both of us.

I cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough to any parent. I am convinced that it is the reason that I found pregnancy so enjoyable and remained so relaxed throughout.

Because of the hypnobirthing technique, we managed to deliver a 10lb baby without any intervention whatsoever, despite him getting very stuck!

Your husband will be glad he has help for all those awkward moments when he doesn't know what to do for you or what to say to you

Whilst my husband was terrific, he was overwhelmed by everything. Nicky was there to pick up the pieces when we were unsure. She knows when to stand back and when to jump in and help

Not having any immediate family close by, Nicky has really made my first few weeks at home with my baby so much easier

Nicky has been there to listen, support, and generally keep my life (and house!) in order, whilst I spend time with my baby. She has been an absolute godsend - just like having my mum around

A Doula can help you with many issues to do with pregnancy and birth such as:
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Home births
  • Birth plans
  • Baby massage
  • Post birth
You have probably already heard the term Doula and are interested in finding out what a Doula can do for you. Please do have a good look around the site; we hope we have covered all your questions and concerns. If you need any further information please contact Nicola Wilson (more details on contacts page).
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