"Your husband will be glad he has help for all those awkward moments when he doesn't know what to do for you or what to say to you"
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Post Birth

Nicola is happy to offer whatever a mother requires; to provide whatever is needed to allow the new mother a break - 'Mothering the Mother'.

A Doula will carry out practical tasks such as shopping, cooking, looking after older children, and doing light housework so that the mother has precious time to bond with her baby and catch up on some much needed sleep. She is very adaptable and as well as the practical tasks mentioned above has been trained to provide emotional support to a new mother, and to offer advice on feeding and care of new-borns in a non-judgemental way. She will also be able tell the new mother where to go to find help for various different problems after birth.

One of Nicola's Post Birth client's comments

"Nicky is tremendously committed to her work as a Doula. She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, delivery and post natal care, and breast feeding is one of her special strengths. Nicky helped us through various health complications both during my pregnancy and in the first few weeks of our son's life, and went beyond the call of duty on many occasions, providing wonderful and compassionate care for both mother and son (and father too!). She seemed to know instinctively what was needed as our situation changed and evolved. During a time that is both magical and stressful for new parents, Nicky consistently behaved with sensitivity and compassion. I cannot imagine having gone through it all without her."

A Doula can help you with many issues to do with pregnancy and birth such as:
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Home births
  • Birth plans
  • Baby massage
  • Post birth
You have probably already heard the term Doula and are interested in finding out what a Doula can do for you. Please do have a good look around the site; we hope we have covered all your questions and concerns. If you need any further information please contact Nicola Wilson (more details on contacts page).
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